7 Classes - 4 Team and 2 Team Games - Fast Respawn
Each class comes equipped with a class main weapon and unique special abilities as well as first aid skill for a quick heal during battle.

Shotgun Pistol

Close combat weapon with the added bonus of a sludge grenade launcher to infect and slow the enemy while moving in for the kill.

  • Stealth

    Use your stealth skill to sneak up on your enemies and take them by surprise.

  • Sludge Grenade

    Spreads noxious sludge on impact, infecting and slowing the enemy's speed. Players affectd by the sludge will infect their own teammates that come close enough.

Infiltrator Gameplay Video

Pulse Rifle

Energy weapon with an optional 3-round burst. The pulse rifle also comes equipped with a shock grenade launcher for electrifying opponents in the area.

  • Healing Dome

    Activate the healing dome to restore health to teammates inside, providing support to take down the enemy.

  • Shock Grenade

    Fire a shock grenade at opponents. Upon impact, this grenade electrifies enemies in the area with a shock damage over time effect. Each damage tick also harms other enemies nearby.

Engineer Gameplay Video
Combat Medic

Arc Blades

Dual wielded melee weapon that also provides a small heal to the medic with each hit. Throw a blade at an opponent to teleport directly to their location and gain the advantage in combat.

  • Life Well

    Deploy a device at your feet that can be activated by you or your teammates on contact. The device will heal and remove harmful effects from all teammates in the area, providing crucial support during battle.

  • Portal Blade

    Quickly teleport to your enemy's location on hit to catch them off guard, allowing the medic to close the gap for close range combat.

Combat Medic Gameplay Video

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is a high-precision weapon that allows the player to accurately hit targets from a great distance, making it an ideal choice for taking out enemies from afar.

  • High Jump

    Gain an additional burst of vertical mobility to reach strategic positions and surprise your enemies or to make a quick getaway. For greater height, combine with a regular jump.

  • Mines

    Deploy explosive landmines that detonate on impact by enemy players, damaging foes in the vicinity. Use them offensively or defensively, as they can be instantly deployed for a quick surprise attack.

Sniper Gameplay Video

Ring Blade

A deadly ring-shaped weapon that can be thrown to directly hit the enemy or to ricochet off walls and objects.

  • Force Ring

    Knock back enemies in the area of impact or use this effect on yourself to enhance your own mobility and access hard-to-reach places.

  • Siphon Ring

    Hurl the ring to drain the health of enemies hit in the area, replenishing your own. This ability can be used to great effect in the midst of a battle, siphoning health from multiple foes at once.

Reaver Gameplay Video

Fire Crossbow

This ranged weapon shoots bolts of fire that ignite enemies upon impact, setting them ablaze and causing them to burn over time.

  • Speed Boost

    Accelerate your movement speed for a brief period of time, giving you an edge in combat or carrying flags.

  • Sentry Grenade

    Launch a sentry grenade that deploys a hovering device to track and attack nearby enemies. The device uses homing missiles to strike targets in the area, providing a powerful offensive option.

Pyro Gameplay Video

Triple Barrel Shotgun

Close to medium range powerful shotgun equipped with a blast grenade launcher for even more destructive power.

  • Toughness

    Temporarily increases the player's hitpoints allowing them to outlast their enemies.

  • Blast Grenade

    Launch an explosive grenade dealing damage in the area of impact while knocking back the opponent.

Assault Gameplay Video
Class Weapons